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BerkSherp Pillow Purr
BerkSherp Pillow Purr

BerkSherp Pillow Purr

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Your cat’s photo printed on fabric and attached to a warm Sherpa fabric backing.  Pillow will be at least 13-14” one way when finished (depends on photo quality).  Purchase here and then email your quality photo to lovemyberksherps@gmail.com.


* iPhone or Android photos are great!

* Make sure your pet is the prime subject in the photo (not in the background)

* Please don’t crop your photo before sending; I’ll let you know if I can’t use it

* I will automatically just use your pet’s head and face for the pillow; if you’d like to include something else that’s in the photo (pet toy, collar, child’s face, etc) just let me know.

Pillows are for decorative purposes & are spot clean only.  They should not to be used as a child’s toy or pet’s toy.