Rustic Holiday Flannel Warmee/Coldee Pack

Rustic Holiday Flannel Warmee/Coldee Pack


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WARMEE : Heat in Microwave for 1 minute and then 15 second intervals after that until desired warmth.
COLDEE: Place in storage bag and leave in freezer for 1-2 hours or overnight.

Wrap up in luxury, and prepare to soothe your body with this anti-stress comfort wrap from BerkSherps. This natural pain-relieving remedy is filled with a generous combination of rice, flaxseed, & dried lavender buds. The rice provides moist warmth and the flaxseed helps retain the heat for 30-45 minutes after being warmed.

The soft outer shell is made of either 100% cotton or 100% cotton flannel and is extremely cozy. Microwave the comfort wrap to provide heat for tense or achy areas or put it in the freezer as a gentle cold pack. Place it on your neck, shoulder muscles or press it against your back. This all natural remedy have a gentle, lavender scent. Do not allow the comfort wrap to become wet.

~ Spot clean only/Air dry

Disclaimer: do not overheat as burns can occur. Not intended to treat any illness. consult your doctor for any serious health concerns. For adult use only.